Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Testing and Registration Week

Hi Everyone

Don't be afraid of the rain! I hope to see you in school tomorrow and Friday.

Here's a song to celebrate the rain, or complain about it:              
Rainy Days and Mondays

Here's next week's schedule:

Monday, Dec. 3 - Promotion Test, Reading
Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Promotion Test, Listening
Wed., Dec. 5 - in-class registration for Spring 2013
Thurs. Dec. 6 - regular class (registration last 15 minutes)
Friday, Dec. 7 - regular class (registration last 15 minutes)

Today we'll review Unit 7 - Shopping, at Ventures Arcade 
Remember to choose Book 3, Unit 7 

We'll also look at, a website with many levels and kinds of games to help you learn English.

Thursday Dec. 13 will be our last Computer Lab day. Do you have any requests for things you'd like to learn?  Please let me know. 

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