Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Test-taking tips and Thanksgiving

Getting ready for the Promotion Test on December 3 and 4?

Click here for some Test-Taking Tips

What do you do when you don't understand a question? Let's look at these ideas.

Here's more information on test-taking that you can listen to and read. Good practice for the listening test.

Do you know how to make a vocabulary table? Let's look at one in class. Here's a video that may help.
You can list the words you want to study, add photos to remind you, or definitions or translations. 

Don't forget to look at Ventures Arcade, Book 3, Unit 6 to review.

Next week is Thanksgiving Week. We have a 5-day holiday, from  Wednesday November 21 to Sunday November 25.

What do you know about this holiday? We'll look for information using google search and YouTube in class. 

Hint: food is very important for Thanksgiving. Enjoy! 

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